Since 1995 LGL responded to the market’s demand for weft lubrication during the weaving process and developed two different oiling system technologies (exclusive patents held by LED) tooth industrialized.
第一次做羞羞的事情描述 The programmable oiling system (100% automated) includes:

a pump with a 3 litre tank;
an electronic control panel with a wide choice of time settings;
up to 15 different individual lubrication points (via injector);
第一次做羞羞的事情描述 The gravity oiling system manages to combine the need to have individual lubrication settings with that of keeping costs to the minimum.

LGL oiling systems can also be installed on existing creels, by making the pertinent adjustments, while needed.
第一次做羞羞的事情描述 A wide selection of accessories is available, including a solenoid valve to stop the oil flow whenever the weaving machine stops.

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